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About us

Co robimy? Chronimy płomień.

In times full of challenges, it becomes particularly important to find a safe space that allows us to learn, experience new things, enrich perspectives and co-create a community that will unite efforts for people and the common good. “Let's protect the flame” is the guiding metaphor for the emerging  worldview and activist community, referring to the protection of values that have been guarded by family businesses for centuries, and we are talking aboutFAMILY, ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND COMMON GOOD.As Generation RE, we want to continue this tradition. 

To make our dream of a future full of opportunities possible, it is necessary to build cross-sectoral partnerships and networks that are increasingly resistant to disruptions. That is why we invite successors, owners, experts, as well as representatives of scientific and non-governmental communities to the community. What unites us is common thinking and action for a future full of opportunities and being embedded in the context of family entrepreneurship.


Do you want to join the community of people who disagree with the status quo and lack of responsibility towards future generations? Do you want to transform your business towards a future full of opportunities? Let's make this effort together! Get to know the manifesto of the RE generation and join us.

There is no greater force for change than a community of discovery,
what he really cares about

Margaret Wheatley

Our Mission

Our mission

We believe that as a community of family businesses, we have a lot to offer the world in connection

with the most urgent challenges of the 21st century.


Therefore, our mission is to actively participate in co-creating a future in which people, the planet, a thriving family business (profit) and a sense of meaning (purpose) together generate value for us today and for future generations. 

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Our goals

  1. Raising awareness of members of the family business community about the issuesplanetary, social, business and common good, as pillars of a future full of opportunities for us today and future generations. 

  2. Commonlearning and sharing best practices supporting the RE Generation in active activities for family businesses. 

  3. Catalyzing activities in family businesses throughdesigning and implementing solutions that take into account the 4 xP (people, planet, profit, purpose)

  4. Connectionsuccessors, as well as other members of the family business community in working towards a future full of opportunities
    and helping each other on this journey.  

Our values

We want Generation RE to be an open, inclusive and ambitious community. 
For this to happen, we all need to respect common values and principles. 


Development, responsibility and commitment

Bycie członkiem naszej społeczności będzie wiązać się z  projektowaniem i wdrażaniem działań zmierzających do synergii aktywności 4 x P - na rzecz planety (planet), społeczności (people), biznesu (profit) i wspólnego dobra (purpose). Uczestnicy i uczestniczki wniosą wkład w postaci konkretnych i wiarygodnych działań, które przyniosą jasne i, w idealnym przypadku, mierzalne wyniki, aby wykazać wpływ, który będziemy mogli opisać zarówno na poziomie jednostek, organizacji jak i naszej społeczności.


Ambition and urgency to respond

To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 Agenda regarding climate, environment and social issues, it is necessary to take action quickly and decisively. As family businesses, we have the necessary tools for this, i.e.ownership, the ability to make quick decisions, or the ability to take risks.While we appreciate every small step, our ambition is to take transformative action through oursfamily businesses, co-creating a community of broad, positive impact on the economy, society and the planet.


Diversity and inclusion

We believe that diversity is the source of our strength, which is why, as Generation RE, we value openness. Anyone who wants to pursue the goals and values of the RE Generation can join us. We believe that everyone can develop and contribute to a future full of opportunities.


Otwartość na dzielenie się wiedzą

Members of the RE Generation undertake to share information about their activities, methodologies and work results with other participants and, more broadly, with society. The transparency and transparency of our activities are intended to enable other interested parties to observe our progress, learn from us, and freely join and connect with emerging initiatives. Our goal is to increasingly understand our significant impact as a community of family businesses on the world and the future.


Wrażliwość na kontekst przedsiębiorczości rodzinnej

We are aware that each family business is unique and has its own challenges and ambitions. What our community promotes is a common goal: mutual support for family businesses as pioneers of transformation towards sustainable development, taking into account the most beautiful features that Family Business has: ability to endure and survive, family-oriented nature and care for the common good in the long run.


Support from other travelers

We co-create a friendly community in which supporting and rooting for others is an important value. We do not accept actions and behaviors aimed at one-way benefit and commitment.

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