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Engaged community as a response to the challenges of the 21st century

The world needs REthinkers, REgenerators, and REdesigners more than ever.

Do you have something in common with generation RE?

Our Mission, Vision, and Commitments 

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Generation RE is an emerging community of people who cannot be classified by the date of birth. Generation RE is more defined by an attitude, mindset and a time in which its members, both male and female, must collectively respond to universal challenges that arise regardless of their place of residence or social status. Generation RE takes its name from the prefix that begins the most urgent needs and tasks of the 21st century –  REthink,REgenerate,REdesign.  What deeply connects us is our family business background and ownership perspective. 


When you think about urgent challenges, what comes to your mind? Scientists are sounding the alarm — the world needs to act to achieve the goals of the Paris Agreement by limiting global warming below 2°C and then continuing efforts to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C compared to 1990 levels. How can we transform our family businesses to get into a net-zero truck? This is just one of the topics of our discussions.

We are also taking action! We invite everyone who feels part of the family business ecosystem and seeks a safe space to develop and grow. Want to know how to positively influence the transformation of your organization, community, team, project, or even yourself? Get to know us better.


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